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Messages from 3.5.11:

It was a normal Schoolday to four o´clock then i went in town to eat a Pizza. Later we have to do something for the church and my sister got me back at home. The last time of that day I was just thinking about what would be if I would get very popular one time. It´s an awesome feeling. I will try now to make something  like that noww every day.

Messages from 31.5.11:


Auhh!! My Birthmale is out today. It is bleeding it is just bleeding, but it hurts terrible. Only two more tests in school awesome

Messages from 10.10.11:

Today something gone terribli wrong. My old Judo Trainer got away from the club that was some months ago. and today suddenly he took away our four best  fighter we have ever had. I don´t understand why he did make that, but we all know that our club won´t exist no more longer. Everybody is desperate and we don´t know what to do. ;(

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